Saturday, 23 January 2010


Over the last few years i have been collecting images of
Public Pattern & Public Graphic, from pavements to shop counters,
chemist mosaics to street signs.
I've decided that i should put them all together on one sight
so here we go

The majority of my picture are from walks around different
areas of London in which i have travelled.

Crate Barking 2009
Faux Cork final - takeawy Dalston 2009
Wall to house - Balme Italy 2008
Amazing Fish & chip shop 2010
Bus Seat 2009

Covered building near brent plastics

Hand car wash wall Dalston

Design Museum Walk

close up of peter butler house i really liked the graphical layout of the

windows and colour detailing of this building.

Takeaway floor - faux marble ( ceramic tiles) Barking 09

Walk around Kingsland Road

Take away exterior wall - faux marble (ceramic tiles) Kingsland Road

Stone Cave, restaurant - Faux Mabel (ceramic Tile) Dalston 09

Brick flooring- Kingsland passage 09

front terrazzo – Istanbul Iskembecisi - Kingland road 09

front Terrazzo- Pound Land- Kingsland Road

step Terrazzo – Rio Cinema - Kingland Road

wall paint, glitter- Amusement arcade - Kingland Road

Unloved Crazy Paving - Balls Pond Road

column, ceramic tiles - shoe shop _ Kingland Road

Door Mat, Discount Fish Store – East London

It might be just because i have been looking at to many patterns.

but to me i like how the door mat is a interpretation of the same sort of foe stone/ granite

pattern that is used a lot for Bus laminates, but its qualities differ as a result of being made up from a different material

Walk around White chapel

Disused head stone showroom- faux pebbles(ceramic mosaics)Brick lane

I love the use of these modern mosaics that cover the interior wall surfaces

of the space it reminds me of the colours in the Film Mauvais Sang
( Leos Carax)

London Muslim Center – Whitechapel

The Bell Foundary- faux oak ( painted soft wood) - Whitechaple

Chemist- mosaic glass tiles – Whitechapel


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