Monday, 23 November 2009

Bermuda Triangle

The wonder full Gary Card has made a fantastic new piece of Spring Studio's.

Gary and I have worked a few projects together, and i am always willing to help a friend in need. So when he asked if i had any time to spare to model a few heads for his new work, i was not quite prepared of the spectacular of what i walked into at Spring studios. Gary's Cocoon, allows you literally walk into his world, which is made of around 2000 white Plasticine modeled heads and cover the interior of his cave floor to ceiling.

Gary's piece is not one to miss, neither is the Work of the other artists who make up the Show
Bermuda Triangle.
Jacob Sutton and set designer Hana Al-Sayed have made eye catching and Beautifully contrasting images and video of what happens when you mixing large amounts of Flour erected into very large rectangles with a running boy.
Bruce Ingram another fellow graduate from the RCA ( sculptor) fantastic crazy tree , is a fellow lover of the layering , combining objects of the everyday , mass production and paper cut outs to make a highly textured aesthetic.

for more info and to watch Jacob and Hana's video go to


the show- November 13, 2009—November 19, 2009


check out my progress on the Partical world installation of the design Museum on their blog !